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Welcome to UCELC


We believe in building relationships with children and families while supporting a secure, consistent, sensitive, stimulating, and rewarding environment. Our Educators act as co-constructors with children in their learning experience as it evolves from the interests, theories, and onto meaning making of the world around them.


UCELC is licensed under the Alberta Human Services ChildcareLicensing Act; and Accredited through AB Human Services. It is based on standards of excellence that reflect current research and leading practices to provide high quality child care over and above licensing regulations.



Encouraging Your Child's Full Potential

We believe in the competencies of all children. We view every child as being full of potential and believe that all children have a natural desire to learn and make meaning 
of their world. We believe that children have the right to live 
fully in their own childhood – not to be rushed through it.

As Early Childhood Educators, we believe relationships 
are at the core of everything we do. We are committed to 
lifelong learning because we believe that growing children deserve growing adults 

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